Mobile wastewater disposal system (MOBA) 

As well as the stationary facility, EVAG AG also has a self-developed mobile wastewater disposal system (MOBA).
This also has approval from the AUE BL (VeVa registration number: 282500113).
Depending on the degree of contamination, the facility processes up to 20m3 of wastewater per hour.

The mobile system can be used in many areas. A few examples:

• Motorway oil separators and washing water from tunnel cleaning
• Water from street gullies
• All wastewater contaminated with hydrocarbons or heavy metals
• Calcareous water that accrues when cleaning sub-soil drains (the wastewater may not be diverted into public waters)

 We are licenced to accept the following products:

 Approved waste codes as per the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU)


The benefits of the mobile system are just as diverse:

• It can be deployed throughout Switzerland
• 24-hour operation is possible thanks to the self-monitoring
• The cleaned water meets the requirements for being introduced into public waters or sewage systems (prior analysis)

Detailed information can be found in the mobile wastewater system (MOBA) documentation.

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