Acceptance, separation and environmentally-friendly disposal

In our highly modern disposal facility, source materials such as road sludge, SABA sludge, drilling sludge, cement sludge, street cleaning waste, weather sludge and oil sludge are separated during the sludge treatment process into sand, gravel, fine sludge, greenery, chippings, waste for the refuse incinerator, waste oil, oil sludge for burning etc.

For this separation process, the facility is composed of 14 stacking and separation tanks each with a capacity of 43m3, a torpedo washer, floating layer separations, precipitations, flocculants, flotations, sedimentations, pressing procedures and filter separations.

The acceptance and processing of the waste is only performed within the framework of the acceptance list and to the extent that meaningful further use and proper disposal of the resulting fractions are guaranteed. A quality control is performed in the company’s own laboratory. This includes measuring the pH value, electrical conductivity and the turbidity of the various water qualities. This ensures inexpensive and environmentally-friendly further use and disposal.

We are licenced to accept the following products:

Approved waste codes as per the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU)

We also dispose of other products (after prior analysis and offer), which do not have to be declared as hazardous waste and are composed of sludge and water or solid matter (e.g. contaminated soil) etc.


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